Landlord Electrical Certificate in Wandsworth

As a landlord, one should have the responsibility to make the home safe out of any danger it includes the electrical installation of the house. We at ATO Solutions have specialized in electrical safety and we also provide Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth after making sure that the property fulfils the legal standards and then is to make sure that the property is not in a safe condition and can’t be occupied. Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth indicates the electrical faults that are found during the inspection. After knowing the defects you can fix them before causing dangerous burns or electric compulsion. Our report will also tell you if the installation is safe to use or not.

Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth also indicates if the installations can be at risk of overloading or the installation will provide any harm to occupants.

Our experience will also deal with flooding or water damage due to leaks.

On the completion of the inspection, we provide Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth which contains the schedule of inspection and test results which provides the customer an idea making relevant decisions and the cost which can occur for any work if that is needed.

Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth is important to make sure about the safety concerns of the property. Full inspection must be conducted from three to five years to make sure that the property is safe to use will not provide any damage or harm. And this inspection should be done based on the results of the previous inspection report.

We provide Landlord Electrical Certificate Wandsworth at affordable prices including any VAT or TAX. Our experienced team is available for providing free consultation on a call. For any other queries and for making a booking for an inspection you can reach us through email or a call.

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