Electrical Safety Certificate in Wandsworth

An electricity certificate is a check and balance on the property’s wiring that whether the property’s wiring and electricity are safe or not. We at ATO Solutions provide the best Electrical Safety Certificate Wandsworth that is always maintained and govern by a qualified electrician. We make sure that your home is safe because our priority is our customers. To make a secure house we always recommend our customers to have an Electrical Safety Certificate Wandsworth in every 10 years. And if you have rented a house you need to get this done every 5 years.

We have specialized infuse boards, tripping circuits, fans, smoke detections, electrical showers, socket outlets, and emergency day and evening call out. Safety is the key in performing an electrical assessment whether at your workplace or your home.

We have a team of specialist people who will meet the needs and have specialized in providing Electrical Safety Certificate Wandsworth from garages, gardens, kitchens, and bathrooms. We also provide mechanical protection which is required for the customers. We provide IP ratings and decorative light for offices and homes. We provide services for detecting problems of poorly wired old consumers that can lead to dangerous electric shocks which can risk the life of valuable people you care for.

We are here to provide services and make your property risk free and detect problems before they become dangerous. Our services are available for residential property as well as commercial property. we have an experienced team which can work at homes according to domestic electrical need and can work at offices to fulfill the commercial electrical need.in Our team is always available to help you out. You can reach us by calling or can email us at info@ATO-solutions.co.uk.

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