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At ATO Solutions, we provide customers with the best Electrical Lighting Merton. Our low prices and highly efficient team of experts are the main reasons why we are so popular among customers, receiving positive feedback every time. In addition to providing basic lighting and electrical installation in homes and offices, we have also introduced ‘smart lighting’.

In this modern era, we believe in equipping our customers with the smartest electrical solutions that can possibly be provided. Hence, we have introduced our Smart lighting service into our ecosystem of electrical solutions.

With the help of the internet, connected objects, and automation of the home, the creation of a smart home has become possible. To be precise, a smart home is one where you can control various lighting elements just by tapping on your smartphone, or tablet! It is a smart and sustainable way to lower your energy consumption, and therefore not just save money, but also conserve energy!

Our team of experts possess adequate knowledge regarding the latest electrical systems. Combining their knowledge with their experience of 17 years, they help you make smart decisions regarding electrical solutions for your home, ensuring the modernisation, and functionality of your home.

Our main priority is the safety of our customers. Therefore, our primary objective is to give your home the much-needed upgrade it requires for improving its functionality, and value, and keeping you safe by the installation of all kinds of safety terminals in your home.

Undoubtedly, our team of technicians are perfect for creating a smarter home for you. Regarding technical solutions, our team is equipped with the right kind of training, and knowledge, making them fit for the job. Come to us at ATO Solutions, for the best Electrical Lighting Merton!

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